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International Moving Property Protection Programs

Gain Peace of Mind with Global Property Protection

Global relocations can be complex, but UniGroup Relocation makes it easy for you to understand the process and protect your belongings throughout your move. Your property may travel by truck, railroad, and ship or plane over a very long distance. UniGroup Relocation takes steps to carefully protect your belongings. However, in the unexpected instance of lost or damaged goods, UniGroup Relocation's Global Property Protection will cover repair and replacement costs.


Shipper Protection Overview

You have two options for Global Property Protection. Please consider your options carefully and make sure you fully understand your selection

Itemized Value Inventory

If you have taken careful inventory of your belongings, the Itemized Valued Inventory protection may be an option to consider. With this option, you will provide a complete list of the items to be shipped and their estimated replacement value at destination. Please note that the protection charge is based on the value of the items declared. If items are not declared, no protection is afforded to them. The total of all values listed is the total amount of the protection.

Weight Multiplier (Lump Sum)

For most customers, UniGroup Worldwide recommends the Weight Multiplier (Lump Sum) option. With this option, you will take the weight of the shipment and use a multiplier, which must be a minimum of $10 U.S. per pound. The average shipment is valued at approximately $15 per pound. If you have many antiques and/or other high-value items, the value of the multiplier can be as high as desired to meet the overall value of the shipment. When the $15 per pound (or greater) multiplier is used, there is no additional cost for the optional coverage of mold and mildew, mechanical malfunction and replacement of non-damaged matching items in pairs and sets. All of your possessions in the shipment are covered, and should there be damage or loss of items, UniGroup Relocation will handle the repair or replacement of your belongings.

High-Value Inventory

Please note that anything valued at $1,500 or greater must be listed on the high-value inventory to alert the moving crew to provide additional packing and/or possibly crating, regardless of the option chosen. If you choose the Weight Multiplier (Lump Sum) option, the total of the High-Value Inventory will be added to the value determined by the weight multiplier.

Corporate Account Protection Overview

Comprehensive Coverage

UniGroup Worldwide's flexible coverage allows your assignees to determine the shipment’s replacement value should any items be lost or damaged during the move. The comprehensive plans can cover damage or loss due to mold, mildew or electronic malfunction and also account for furniture set, meaning the value of the set is covered if only part of the set is lost or damaged.

Global Network

Our global network services your needs in more than 180 countries around the world, ensuring that we will have a local claims surveyor ready to help your assignees should the need arise.

Centralized Claims Management

UniGroup Worldwide claims management is centralized at our world headquarters, thus eliminating third-party delays. We manage all communications and work toward a speedy resolution.

Protecting our customers’ belongings is our priority. Count on UniGroup Worldwide's Global Property Protection for the most comprehensive and seamless coverage of your treasured belongings. We look forward to answering any questions you may have about these protection plans.


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