International Assignment Services (Pre-Assignment)

Pre-Assignment Services Are Available

UniGroup Worldwide understands international relocation

With careful attention to detail and a menu of services designed to help our customers, we offer pre-assignment services based on your specific needs, ensuring you will be fully prepared for the upcoming transition.

Assignee Services

Preview Trip/Area Orientation

This service includes initial needs assessments, welcome packets and neighborhood familiarization tours. Other benefits could include medical facility briefings, public transportation orientations and help locating shopping facilities.

Country/Culture Information

Customers have access to an online tool that provides essential information about the host country and relevant insights into the culture, business protocol, social etiquette, local news and key phrase translations.  

Visa and Immigration Assistance

Our experts will guide you through the process of obtaining work authorization and immigration documents and the legalization and notarization of paperwork. We can also assist with obtaining passports and spouse/family member immigration permits and visas.

Human Resource Services

Cost Projection

Our cost projection service provides cost of living allowance (COLA) analyses of the host location and policy benefit reviews to evaluate the potential return on investment for an international assignment. Additionally, we provide assignment cost solutions, conduct hardship evaluations, calculate per diems and lodging, and assess rent, utilities and income tax.

Candidate and Pre-Hire Assistance

We can assist you in assessing and evaluating potential candidates for global assignments, and also be there to lend support for your candidates upon accepting their assignments.

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