Managing the Move

International Moving Management

Our certified, multilingual move managers are trained in all aspects of international relocation, including pricing, forwarding logistics, overseas transit protection policies and documentation requirements. The move manager acts as your guide throughout the entire move process, ensuring a successful transition to your new country. 


Pre-Move (Origin)

Move managers work with our customers in advance of each relocation, providing advice about important steps to begin the move. Our pre-move checklist includes:

  • Validating origin and destination contact information within 24 hours of your estimate acceptance
  • Providing country specific information to help acquaint you with your destination country
  • Reviewing customs regulations and documentation required for customs clearance
  • Explaining your property protection options
  • Confirming pack and load dates with our service providers


During transit, move managers coordinate the various stages of the shipment - including ground transportation, port of exit handling, international transportation, port of entry handling, customs clearance and final delivery. Each shipment is tracked through UniGroup Worldwide's trafficking system, giving move mangers and customers complete visibility to the status of a shipment. 


At destination, your move manager will help schedule deliveries, obtain necessary documentation and assist with any settling-in services that may be required. 

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