Destination Management Services

International Moving Destination Services

Settle in to your New Home with ease

UniGroup Worldwide and its network of service providers help customers assimilate into new host countries seamlessly through an extensive menu of destination services. From preview trips to departure assistance, our professionals around the world will develop a custom package of services that make the departure and settling in processes easy for everyone involved.

Cultural and Language Training

Cultural and language training is extremely important when communicating in your new country, whether in business or everyday situations. UniGroup Worldwide's program includes training prior to departure or within the host country through private, immersion, youth and group options. Customers have access to repatriation and accent modification programs, learn business terminology and daily living practices and access our exclusive online resource that provides essential country information and cultural insights.

Settling In Services

When moving abroad, there are countless tasks that need to be completed in order for movers to integrate into their new environment. UniGroup Worldwide can help customers settle in by helping with the critical steps necessary to feel home, including – registration with local consulate and government, utilities setup, bank account set up, drivers license and more.

School Assistance

Settling into a new school can seem overwhelming. UniGroup Worldwide makes the process easier by providing an overview of school and child care options, accompanying customers on school tours and organizing appointments with school administrators. And once a school is chosen, we’ll help throughout the enrollment process.   

Partner and Spouse Support

Helping everyone in your family transition to the new country is an important part of the relocation process. Through partner and spouse support programs, we offer family transition advocates, career goals and continuation support, resume development, interview coaching, career gap counseling and research on civic and charitable organizations. Providing this ongoing transition support is a pivotal service for corporate clients, as it can help prepare your assignees’ families for the workforce or potential community activities once they return home.

Pet Relocation

UniGroup Worldwide knows that pets are a part of the family, too. We help customers arrange pet transportation and documentation assistance with veterinarians and customs.

Departure Assistance

Relocations to foreign countries can often be temporary. UniGroup Worldwide offers departure services to help customers transition home. Assistance includes lease terminations, accompanied move-out inspection and inventory reporting, cleaning and maintenance arrangements, bank account closures, school withdrawals, disconnection of utilities and mail forwarding coordination.


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